My name is Mark Cooper and in 2010 I completed a run from Amsterdam to Barcelona in memory of my Mum.  I am a Edinburgh based motivational speaker, ultra runner, expedition consultant and fundraiser.  Here you will be able to find out about my fundraising, events and services. I love a challenge, charity and helping people to achieve their ambitions.

“I wanted to run 30 miles for my 30th Birthday, to take my life back. I was successful, I had a nice car a big house but I was miserable. I didn’t like business, I wanted to be an athlete. In real life there is no struggle, no pain, no difficulty. We have cars, elevators, food, all the conveniences. We thought if we had all these things we would be happy, life is so convenient we are miserable, there’s no struggled and no sense of accomplishment. With running you have to struggle, it’s tough, you have to overcome the pain, when you do it its a great sense of accomplishment. Those lessons apply to being a good father, a good husband to anything in life.”



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