I have been thinking about going on an adventure that basically involves leaving the rat race at 5pm with basic supplies, walking all night then sleeping on top of a hill. It will probably be a cold night which means I will once again have to spoon Matt for warmth We go on adventures quite often together and have become accustomed to each anothers routines.

Breakfast with a View

Well the talk is over and I have decided that this Friday 24th February is to be the night that it finally happens. I am pretty exicted about this, I am sure it won’t be everything I imagine and ill probably wish for bed long before I get home but isnt that the point? To get outside of your comfort zone and appreciate it more when you step back into it?

At the moment the logistics are pretty much unknown, one thing is clear, somebody will be getting their arse cheeks used for warmth and quite possibly a dribble of pee will be spilt as there is NO WAY that i’m going out in that weather to do the toilet. I read once that Bear Grylls used to do a number 2 in tin foil and wrap it up then use it for heat…..that definately will NOT be happening.

We will leave our day job at 5pm on Friday and walk until around 5am, so roughly 12hrs, no distance in mind just to enjoy the outdoors and the company. We will then pitch our tent and sleep for a couple of hours up on top of a mountain somewhere.


I know you are asking why someone would do this? Well why not? I cant afford to go to a far flung country for an adventure, nor do I have the time at the moment so I’ll find a mini expedition right here on my doorstep.

Just because I work a full time office job and have other life commitments doesnt mean that I shouldn’t go on an adventure.

This whole idea of “Micro-Adventures” was started by @al_humphreys (currently rowing the Atlantic I might add) see here – Alistair Humphreys

Will be tweeting throughout the evening on Friday using the hash tag of #NightWalk

Photos and a follow up blog will follow on www.runwithmark.com
Thanks for the support,
Mark and Matt

2 Responses to Mini-Adventure this Friday Night

  1. Brian Gray says:

    Mark – brilliant idea and so simple. I’ve been dreaming of some adventure for ages but always think its too expensive, too time consuming, too difficult to plan or too much to ask of my family. But this is genius thinking, it doesn’t have to be big or expensive to be an adventure. Sometimes things are so simple that you just need someone to show you the wood from the trees. Thanks.

    Had a look at Alistairs site as well, also inspiring.

  2. Mark Cooper says:

    Nice one Brian, its totally true and when my Girlfriend said I was nuts last night I just told her that this is my idea of a night out, you hit the clubs and bars and I hit the forests and mountain tops :-) Let me know what you get planned! Cheers

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