I get contacted by people asking for help or advice on setting up expeditions or training for events. Im not an expert but I try to guide people in the direction that worked for me.

A lot of the emails that I recieve have a common theme, a theme not of envy but of disbelief that I was priviliged enough to take two months out of my life to do what I love. I often hear “I hate my job.” or “I wish I could do what you did.”

The truth of the matter is that two years ago I would have been that person saying “I wish!” So what happened?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what path to take

Well the answer is simply, I got my finger out, I set a goal and got on with it. Life is short, so is your health and youth, if you have a dream or goal go for it. A favourite quote of mines is “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered you will never grow.”

So what is stopping people from doing what they want with their life?

For people to do their best at something they need to have two things, an aptitude for the activity and passion. Without passion you can be good at something but you will never be satisfied doing it. A Friend of mines plays guitar, brilliantly I might add but everytime he comes off stage he says that he never enjoyed playing. This applies to a large number of people in their everyday lives.

There are also people who love what they do, so much that they couldnt imagine doing anything else. This is because its not what they do, its who they are. The trick is to find out what that passion is and pursue it with everything you can. Some people dont realise their dreams until they are well on in life.

I read a story about a man from Canada, he and his wife had been in a car accident, the car had tipped over and his wife badly injured. As the car settled he realised his Wife was seriously injured, without thinking he accessed his memory of the first aid course his work had sent him on, he managed to keep his Wife stable until the emergency services arrived. In the end she survived thanks to his quick thinking.

You are probably wondering why im telling you this, well the man ended up training to be a nurse, he discovered his talent and passion in the most unlikely circumstances. I guess what im saying is, if you are wondering what your goal in life is, stick with it, its sure to crop up at some point and quite possibly from the strangest of situations. Just hopefully not a near fatal car accident!

Good luck searching


All directions are an opportunity to grow and learn no matter the outcome

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