Ultima Frontera

Ultima Frontera

Feeling a little under the weather today so I had a bit of time on my hands, usually a dangerous thing that leads to adventure/race planning.

I have committed the first half of my race year to the West Highland Way Race, after last years DNF I am determined to finish this time around. This leaves a gap for the second part of 2012 that I am keen to fill.

I fancy tackling a race abroad and I have been looking at several, I have now decided on the Ultima Frontera 100 mile race in Andalucia, Spain.

I have read some mixed reviews of the event from last year, I wont let that bother me though, instead go in over prepared with extra food and supplies for the race.

This sounds like a challenging event, lots of ascent and descent to smash the limbs with. It takes place in October and is conveniently close to Malaga airport so should not be too big a task to get to.

Ultima Frontera

Ultima Frontera

I’ll focus my training on the WHW Race and then just carry on training as I have been for the trip to Spain.

I have been giving thought to a further afield race but I have expedition plans for 2013 which will take me very far from home so best keep it simple for now, or as simple as a 100 mile race can be.

As always I am grateful for the support shown and to my sponsors for their help.


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