Here is a short video of Mark’s 24hr Treadmill Run in July 2011 – 129.2 miles in 24hrs

24hr Treadmill Run Video

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  1. Laura says:

    That’s great inspiration! I am not cunrertly a runner, but once upon a time in my 20s I took up running. I too started out mixing up the running and walking, and eventually just found myself bored during my walking segment. I eventually worked up to 5 mile runs. (I am now back down to 0.)If you’re not concerned with speed, just keep trucking. I have a friend who is a true runner whose best advice to me was to always think you can run one more step. Don’t try to make it to the end of the block or the next tree. Just try to take one more step at a time.And welcome to the blog!

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