Today I have a post about a Friend’s challenge…..

I was running the Speyside Way Ultra in 2011 and struggling up a hill when a rather chirpy looking girl ran beside me. “Hi!” she said energetically.

We chatted for a while until on another steep hill I couldn’t keep up with her.  had to utter the words “I’ll catch you later.” and off she ran. I never did catch up with Caroline but I did see her at the finish.

Caroline and Me at the end of the Speyside Way Ultra 2011

Since that day we have been chatting via email about ultra-running and Caroline’s self-made challenge.

Caroline has set herself the challenge or running around Mull in aid of Wildlife Conservation.

Two things spring to mind for me, Wow, Mull, that will be stunning and the other is how jealous I am that she is doing this. Special note should go to the fact that Caroline is doing this off of her own back and she deserves applause for having such an audacious goal for a worthwhile cause.

Full detials of the run can be found on her website by clicking HERE

And you can follow her progress on Twitter by clicking HERE

All the best Caroline!


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