Sticking To Your Running Goals: Make Your Goals Your Ultimate Motivation

One of the difficult facets of being in the pursuit of staying fit and healthy is religiously sticking to your fitness goals and objectives. In fact, most people get discouraged when they miss a single running session per week. While there are runners who are by and large opt to “stretch” their goals, in reality, some of these goals gradually become neglected.

In running, a clear-cut mechanism in meeting your expectation should always be kept. As running enthusiast Jeff Gaudette says, “the potential downside of having out-of-reach goals is that you train too hard, push your body before it’s ready, and lose motivation due to lack of progress.” If you want to set realistic and attainable running goals, here are a few tips for your perusal:

Start Small
Running long distances yet at a slow pace can help your heart as well as your lungs in building endurance. This will not only help work out your cardiovascular system but strengthen your muscles, connective tissues, and joints as well. However, there are other variables that you should take into consideration when partaking in such rigorous activities: your health is one of these variables. Always ask your physician as well as your health provider just in case you have a medical history that may affect your chosen exercise. You may want to click here to find out more.

Training offered by professionals or signing up for a 5k race can do you good in the long run. In fact, even a simple casual walk or an easy run can be part of your running regime. Remember, training yourself before a marathon can boost your body’s resistance come the actual marathon day.

According to Active, “if you are choosing to lose weight in order to be a better example to your child, write their name down where you can see it as you run. Think up a great phrase that inspires you and write it across your knuckles.” Also, constantly reminding yourself by motivational phrases such as “because I can” or “I’m doing this for…” can help you reach the finish line no matter how exhausted you are.

Even if you’re doing it just for fun, remember to track your progress to see if there are improvements, too. Do not stick to your usual running sessions—if you need to run a few more hours/miles, go for it.

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